24 March, 2009

UNE-TL Submission to Timor Leste Government

23 March 2009 the constitution of the Uniao Nasional dos Escuteiros de Timor Leste (UNE-TL)was submitted to the Secretary State of Youth and Sport. The scout leaders were represent by Chief Commissioner Mr. Abel, International Commissioner Ms. Filomena and Commissioner of Youth Programme Mr. Ijolino to meet with the secretary to submit the UNE-TL constitutions.

During the submission has agreed to have a public announcement or press release with Secretary Youth and Sport Mr. Miguel Manetelo on April 21, 2009. This a step to go forward for the National recognition to UNE-TL as a National Scout Organization in Timor Leste. With the submission to the Secretary of youth and sport hope the Government will support the UNE-TL to provide the secretariat to UNE-TL and support the plan of UNE-TL for the submission to the APR and WSOM.

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